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You’ve already worked with Twilio. In fact, you’ve probably worked with us closer, on average, to six times—just this week. Twilio helps some of the world’s biggest names – like Morgan Stanley, Shopify, Netflix, ING, Spotify, Airbnb, American Red Cross, and over 221,000 others – send communications that customers need, want, and love. The Uber text? Twilio. The Spotify email? Twilio. The two-factor authentication code making sure it’s really you logging into your bank? Twilio. The update on your family member’s insurance claim status? Twilio.

As a product marketing manager on Twilio’s marketing team, I’m responsible for being the passionate voice of our customers— both internally across Product, Sales, and Support, and externally within the market. Whether it’s spending hours speaking to our customers, working to better understand their jobs to be done, or working cross-functionally to drive go-to-market efforts and realized success, I’m fueled by clear communication, honest collaboration, and measurable results.

I’m a proven marketer, experienced with revenue, content, communications and product marketing strategies, across both agency and corporate work environments. Want to learn more? Reach out to me anytime.

The ‘Side Hustle’

In my spare time, I have a lot of fun helping small businesses and nonprofits with their marketing strategy. I work alongside owners and intimate teams to help them define unique, effective marketing & communications. These conversations include:

  • Branding & Design
  • Messaging & Positioning
  • Advertising & Lead Generation
  • Website, Social & Content Creation
  • Investment Preparation & Pitch Collateral
  • Press Outreach & Relations

If you’re interested, let’s talk! Send me a note, here.