Millennials: Here’s The One Stock Market Trend You Need To Know

Courtesy: Chris Li /

I’m 28 years old and, this past year, I’ve been studying value investing.

“Why,” you say, “when you spend the majority of your time being a millennial, would you ever want to bore yourself with something like value investing?”

Simply put: It’s a strategy for participating in the stock market. WAIT. Before you tune me out and head back over to Buzzfeed’s 21 Funny Posts About Drinking — let me try to explain why:

First of all, yes, I have student loans. No, I’m not rich. Aside from being a huge nerd, much of my interest comes from never wanting to feel ‘in the dark’ as I move throughout my career and, ultimately, into retirement. I never want to be sitting quietly in front of an advisor or planner thinking, ‘well, they seem like an expert — so I guess I should probably take their word for it.’ Continue…

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